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A diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and ailments through the use of clinical laboratory tests. In this program, the candidates learn to perform tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This program also equips candidates with the knowledge and skills required to handle advanced lab equipment and perform accurate laboratory tests.

With the advances in imaging technology for different tissues comprising various organ systems in the human body such as X-rays, sonography CT-scanning, Ultra-sound, PET-scanning, MRI etc. there is an extensive demand for imaging technologists.

The candidate who has completed their Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology looks after all the work and management of the operation theatre which involves managing the patients in and out of the operation theatre, looking after all the surgical instruments involving their sterilization, dressing table, arranging operation table, instrument table, anesthesia table and management of the operation theatre staff. An Operation Theatre Technologist also helps the surgeon amid the surgical operations and looks after the drugs required for surgery, drapes, anesthetic gases, linen and sterilization.

The aim of the program is to teach and train candidates in operation theatre technology and the management of operation theatre along with handling a wide range of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern operation theatres.

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